Follow my commands, I might grant you a wish...


Meet&greet sessions available, see tribute page for details.

Online, realtime, cam, skype & phone sessions available. Tribute required first for online/skype sessions, paid through indiebill. Feel free to email me to schedule a skype session.


I will play music during a session. (Softly) My tastes are eclectic and range from opera to classical to Waites to 80s New Wave to 90s hiphop. Let me know your tastes prior, I will accommodate.

   Applicants must have a genuine desire to submit or serve.

    I tend to us charged words- pussy, bitch, cockslut, cunt, boy whore etc : if these words or others trigger you in a negative manner, please let me know before session. Any and all limits will be respected, safe words will be discussed, safety, etc. (Unless, of course, you prefer a "No Safe Word" session, which will require at least one regular session prior to familiarize before hand)

   Note: I do not accept personal slaves (you cheap 

    My interests (though in no way complete as I am constantly learning & evolving):

Slut training

C S Instruction



WAM (seriously, how fucking fun is this! )

Reading Aloud while your bound. currently, my focus is Henry Miller & Jean Genet.

Spiritual BDSM

Hair fetish

Goddess Worship

Ignore fetish

SPH, Forced cum eating, milking, objectification, fisting, strap available, forced feminization, CFNM, pussy boy, puppy or kitty play, sissy training, slut re-education, makeovers, tampon training-
You are my toy, my pet, to do with as I please.

Mummification - I like saran wrap, and am partial to duct tape. The whole process, making air holes, turning you into my toy. Helpless is good.

  Fantasy WrestlingDo you like to be overpowered? 

   Impact - paddling, spanking, flogging, hair brushes, otk, bamboo. slapping, backhanding. mmmm. Good stuff. 

   And more impact- belly/chest punching, ballbusting, belt beatings, kicking, true ass beatings, maybe some cnc thrown in for good measure. A slow rhythmic body pounding never hurts anyone. Maybe. 

   Body worship, face sitting,smothering, choking, scissoringbecause I like you prone.

   Forced shaving, golden showers, humiliation, spit, biting, nail scratching- I will mark you.

   Trampling, stomping,face standing, foot gagging- Right at the top- where I'm supposed to be.

   Duct tape, blindfolds, rope, tease&tie, zip ties- I like you hindered. I like to have your sensuality completely in my hands.

   Roleplay, age regression- because we all like to dig out our id. Forced repentance, sacrifice/ritual, confessional, "caught in the act", execution, "violation", and all sorts of training- come to me with an idea, and let's get inspired.

    Breathplay, (smothering, plastic, compression, choking, gagging) foodplay,- healthy fun.

  Forced Bi w/Male provider: Ever been spitroasted?

  Knife play, robbery & abduction scenarios- because I like to gag you with my panties, and maybe I'll get lucky and my web will catch a fly who has a slaughter play predisposition.

   Cigarette torture, smoking fetish, human ashtray, needle play, branding, cutting-  ***I will only use my own supplies, unopened, surgical disposable sutures, disposable acupuncture needles, disposable scalpels, (please keep in mind, on occasion I have honored sewing needle requests: this does tear your skin, and could lead to damage) and you must be prepared to clean & use antiseptic before and after. Latex gloves, cleaned hands, mask, etc because sowing disease is not my forte. Universal Precautions in place a must.

Feel free to contact me about requests not listed here. The worst I can say is "No."

                   *** I do not provide FS, full nudity, deep tissue needle play, brown play, or sounding.***

   Public play, panty fetish requests, wallet rape, ATM withdrawals/shopping play available. Sacrifice for my pleasure for a chance at your own salvation. Random tributes:$DominaCascarilla 

  If you have a special interest that's not listed here, yet still see yourself in my embrace, apply and state your case. Possibilities are... endless. 

   Let's begin.



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  • Located In:

    Seattle, Washington, USA

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  • Service Type:

    BDSM/Fetish, Body Rubs, Other, Other, Live Cams, and Escort

  • Incall:


  • Outcall:


Physical Attributes

  • Body Type:


  • Age:


  • Ethnicity:


  • Features:


  • Gender:


  • Height:

    5 ft. 6 in.

  • Weight:

    140 lbs.

  • Hair Color:


  • Bust Size:

    34 B

  • Body Art:



  • Catering To:


  • Smoker:


  • Hourly Rate:

    225 - 500 USD

Online Profiles



Added on March 17, 2017

Thank you Mistress Cazz. You had a true sense of play with your dominance, I really needed it. I felt nurtured. My experience with you was something new and wonderful. I hope to see you again the next time I'm in your area.

Added on December 15, 2016

Goddess, Goddess, Goddess- Your slave lies at your feet, neck exposed, cheeks spread wide. The show me game was an epiphany, I wil I will yesyesyes. Angel fac I will subject myself to your whims. Let me show you. I seek to serve and worship only.

Added on October 18, 2016

I have never before met a girl who is so genuinely sweet and so filthy at the same time. Like having your highschool sweetheart ask you how your cocks doing. Cazz went all in-she wasnt what I expected, she was better. I met her for an impact play fetish session with a little cfnm and roleplay, and she went all in. Walked through the door, grabbed my junk, then made me strip. Id say she stuck to the script, except she went above and beyond. There will definitely be a next time. The shit that comes out of her mouth-the shit she does- amazing.

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