Random Thoughts

Living the life Vanilla

On hiatus. Taking a sabbatical. Maybe I'll be back, maybe not. To the newbies: missed your chance, los sientos subbies!!!!

To my lovely slaves, subbies & freaks: you are always appreciated. Thank you. The loyal ones know who they are. Stay low, have fun, work hard play harder.

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Truth or Dare

He chose dare...


He got paddled. Hard. And the caveat was, if he got a hard on, then he had to jerk off next to his car, in the driveway, where all his lovely upstanding citizen bourgeois type neighbors could see.

And did he get hard?

Well, of course he did. 

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Such lovely boys you are!

   I have been quite enjoying the niteflirt, skype sessions and talktome calls lately. I know I am not always accessible, and I appreciate the understanding of those who acknowledge that I lead many lives and don't have a set schedule. Thank you, you are appreciated! Read more

On Hiatus until November 3st

I have been working in the lab & skipping back and forth across the US for the past week, haven't been checking email or doing the social media thing, (I can't really hve the distraction right now) but I will be available after November 3rd, when I will be back in Domina mode full force. Until then, I will have my niteflirt & talktome lines on sporadically.

Enjoy your Samhain/Halloween/Dios de los Muertos/ All Saints Day.

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