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Let me ruin Bladerunner(new1) for you

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It never hurts to try....

Is my motto. That, and 'never be afraid to ask questions.'

Have been conversing with a microbiology professor, and god bless her heart, she is pointing me in the right directions in terms of my options for learning/courses/areas of study.

Also: DARPA's sciences division is comprised of elitist academic douchebags, and if they don't widen the fucking scope of at the very least their think tanks, they're gonna miss out on some great opportunities. 

(Watch me be rewarded with a research grant from them in 5)

Have been contacting folks across the country to ask questions & start a discourse- because it never hurts to try, and never be afraid to ask questions.

Began re-learning Spanish, Arabic will start in winter.

Goals can be met. Gotta stay on your grind, results will happen.


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Hiatus #2

Been a bit neglectful of the 'branding'. (gawd, this shits gotten so weird. whatever happened to just being a call away, a number tacked in the right place, and meeting somewhere dank dangerous & equipped, or showing up@a hotel all sweet on the outside, devil underneath, duffel bag in hand? branding......pssshhh)

On the real, tho, I've been trying to get my wrapped around practical applications of gold nanostars, the inefficiency of modern nuclear fusion, and gene-editing. And I've been attempting to fit years worth of learning in a very short time.

(if u have any background on this, HMU cuz DARPA & Lawrence Berkeley Labs are giving me the cold shoulder. Lol. My contact info's floating around somewhere)

Then a very lovely person, who I truly adore, is very ill right now. 

So- I find myself just not caring right now about 'brand maintenance'.  It just seems really fucking distant to whats in my face and important to me right now. 

But- I did want to say- gifts, tributes, and new clients were awesome. Social media really opened opened up some options for me, 

More important than that was the wonderful advice and interaction I got from other Domina's and sexworkers. It also kept me from being too self-absorbed, which is hard in this biz. 

I'll be back in a month or two, hopefully.

Stay Tuff.

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On hiatus for new applicant real time sessions for the rest of the summer.
Online sessions can be booked, personal videos can be commissioned.
Tribute first before contact to determine seriousness.  cash.me/$DominaCascarilla  

All others will be ignored.
HMU through twitter.

Domina Cascarilla, Femdom, Fetish Queen.

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