Random Thoughts

25 year old

   A twenty five year old contacted me the other day. Nope. Whatever he needed, friendship, appointment, nope. It is extremely rare for me to associate with people younger than me. Horrible, I know, but that three years makes a huge difference-

   and I've had too many experiences leading someone by the hand.

   I feel objectification can do a body good- but I'd rather not take the risk on a session with someone who is too young to truly recognize their desires, much less communicate them.  

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I will not be accepting appointments for tonight, and all day tomorrow as I just had a teeth cleaning, and I refuse to give service where I am not at my best. (ie, swollen teeth & a numb face... :) have a good day. Read more


  Sex it is a'changing. Was making a potroast the other night and a thought hit me: in the future they'l probably just put a wig on this&call it a date.

   What brought about this mindest was when I was watching a video with a friend where someone had made a vat of slime and was walking back and forth through it orgasmically. At that point, I think, I truly realized how people are pointing more and more into a direction of sexual expression without interaction with another.

    And I'm not  talking about masturbation- I'm talking about a changing ripple through society, brought about by the psycho-social changes of the past couple of decades.

 Then it hit me : Barbarella. It maybe technosexkitsch, but I feel it's incredibly relevant, too.

   "When resisting the advances of an alien iceman, Barbarella explains that physical sex without an "exaltation transference pellet" or a harmonized "psychocardiogram" hasn't been practiced on earth for centuries because "it was proved to be distracting and a danger to maximum efficiency"-Critical Commons Manager

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Finally figured out the blog thing

I do what I want. I DO WHAT I WANT. lol....

But really, I just want to have some fun, and maybe spread my love, joy, insights and amusements with the world. And contribute to my own financial security while I'm at it.

Because- and listen closely to Auntie Cazz, here... Life can be as wonderful and fun as you want it to be. Maybe not all the time, maybe not even most of the time, but at least slightly less than half. And that is more than most.

Still, though- 

try your best for enjoying it most of the time.

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