Random Thoughts

Lyrics of the day

"Screaming' loud and holdin' sheets

Scared that you'll be called a freak
Gotta let it go while you can
Ain't 2 proud 2 beg you see" Tlc, aint 2 proud 2 beg

"To the window, to the wall!
Til the sweat drip down my balls
Til all these bitches crawl" get low, lil jon&the east side boyz

"They say I'm nasty

But I don't give a damn

Gettin' girls is how I live" my perogative, bobby brown

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25 year old

   A twenty five year old contacted me the other day. Nope. Whatever he needed, friendship, appointment, nope. It is extremely rare for me to associate with people younger than me. Horrible, I know, but that three years makes a huge difference-

   and I've had too many experiences leading someone by the hand.

   I feel objectification can do a body good- but I'd rather not take the risk on a session with someone who is too young to truly recognize their desires, much less communicate them.  

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I will not be accepting appointments for tonight, and all day tomorrow as I just had a teeth cleaning, and I refuse to give service where I am not at my best. (ie, swollen teeth & a numb face... :) have a good day. Read more


  Sex it is a'changing. Was making a potroast the other night and a thought hit me: in the future they'l probably just put a wig on this&call it a date.

   What brought about this mindest was when I was watching a video with a friend where someone had made a vat of slime and was walking back and forth through it orgasmically. At that point, I think, I truly realized how people are pointing more and more into a direction of sexual expression without interaction with another.

    And I'm not  talking about masturbation- I'm talking about a changing ripple through society, brought about by the psycho-social changes of the past couple of decades.

 Then it hit me : Barbarella. It maybe technosexkitsch, but I feel it's incredibly relevant, too.

   "When resisting the advances of an alien iceman, Barbarella explains that physical sex without an "exaltation transference pellet" or a harmonized "psychocardiogram" hasn't been practiced on earth for centuries because "it was proved to be distracting and a danger to maximum efficiency"-Critical Commons Manager

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