Random Thoughts

Been neglecting the ole blog

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Networking with the best lately.... I have some thinky thoughts on the back burner concerning culanderismo, brujeria, magickal thinking, and general health. Until then, here's something to stroke to. 

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Staying on my grind-

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   Selling antiques & antique-y things-

   Occasional chandelier cleaning

   Unpaid independent social worker-

aaaaaaaaand........ I have a job interview next week. I'm not big on il mollochio (insert hand of Fatima here) so I'm keeping it under wraps- but the struggle is real. And I'm gonna struggle right on up and above.

   By this time next year, I want to be either A. using a loan to jumpstart my biz & bring my heaux sistahs in, or B. using a large grant to travel the country, visit my heaux sistahs, & compile all their wisdom, glory & life/love/struggle stories into a compelling volume that speaks truth for the ages. 

   All while soliciting artists for my bio-graphic-novel, "I thought we'd be rockstars by now"

   Fuck yes. Can I get an amen? How about in the back? Halle-fucking-leuia-bismillah-ashe

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Just had the weirdest dream

Like, I was in a modern battle zone, but it wasn't on this plane of existence.

Not inter dimensional warfare exactly, but more along the lines of dreamland. Like there was a place people sometimes go when they fall asleep, or when you have an OBE, and in my dream their was a way to directly access this through technology, or train people to access and control it on their own, w/or w/o tech.

In my dream people were building structures there & doing spy on spy stuff & utilizing dreamers who went there accidentally to further missions, but that was risky, & so rarely done. The agents who worked in this space were highly trained, so that they could alter & manipulate the environment at will (but there are still laws of physics in this place, even if it's it's own rules).

The purpose for all this is actions that take place there affect here.

In my dream, I ran into a friend of mine who was trapped there, and he basically made an OBE of his OBE to track me down, & lead me to his original OBE in the other space. Apparently, this is very unstable & dangerous, & something these 'agents' are not supposed to do.

His first OBE was in a very volatile situation, and he was @risk of life,limb,or sanity. Probably sanity.

But as a dreamer, I could walk freely. (its like agents can only last so long before being spotted by other agents, as they are not there 'organically') It would take too long to explain the weird ass architectural feats or fields of war or even mundane things I saw there, but the in the dream the place contained things from realtime, too- like a shadow place on top of a shadow

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Ooooh those young boys will be the dearth of me...

Like having a "Do not touch" sign emblazoned on their forehead- but under 30 is a big no-go zone for me.

I can't have anyones mom calling me out on my name for leading their son into debauchery.

But damn- that look, when I know someone's seen my site, and is a bit appreciative and apprehensive? It's akin to running into someone you've had a really good nameless fuckfest with, the type where you walk out while they pretend to be asleep, just cuz anything more would be overkill.

That type of knowing look, like you share a great secret.


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