Random Thoughts

Apparently a good caning is a cure-all

Saw this on the boards-


Those Russians are at it again...lol

What they don't mention, however- how play such as this can be addictive in and of itself. The endorphin release is similar to a drug high, and people with addictive tendencies may seek it out to the exclusion of personal safety&or upkeep, Which can lead to depression- and just like any other drug, some people do experience a come-down.

Highs& lows to everything, people. Which is why- now, repeat after Auntie Cazz, here- you work hard, play harder, & stay safe. Emphasis on stay safe- and whatever that entails, wether physical, personal or mental safety, do it.

Rule # 1, always: Stay safe. Always.

Rule#2: do not talk about fight club.

Rule #3: do not talk about fight club.

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Pure, unadulterated, pixie dust whimsy little person magick

Just had a small child explain to me that "luminosity" and "gloominosity" were completely different words, with different meanings.

And I'm not sure how, but he was right.

At 3years old, he holds the wisdom of the ages in his hands.

Out of the mouths of babes- goes right up there with random bus stop conversations, the ravings of madmen that turn into prophecy, and when octogenarians pay me a pure compliment by taking the time to school me on things I will probably never understand like they do.

Gloominosity- and I would throw this wisdom to the four corners of the earth in the same manner of scattering glitter in the wind, but my translation would not do it justice.

And I'd rather not lead anyone astray.

What this kid just did?

You can, too. We all can. And to some, this will seem like the ravings of a madwoman- but there will be others who will nod their heads in agreement, thinking, "Of course we can write the script to our own life!" And if William Faulkner (!  ;)  ), James Joyce, and 3year olds can do it, so can you.

Neologisms can be life changing, when applied just right.

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New fav Domina to add to my list

Seattle's own Miss XoXoRavenXX-

Unapologetically raw, straightforward with the taboo play, and a righteous beauty-

Not only that, she was incredibly kind to me, in a totally unselfconscious manner.

This woman does it right, and truly owns, & deserves, the title of Goddess.

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Ever experience pure rage?

   I'm going through some stuff right now... I don't stay angry for long, however, but I should be able to call it up for the next couple of days.

   You want to play surrogate?

   I'm talking you sign an NDA and legal waiver type of play.

   For the next couple of days, if interested, I am waiving my 48hr notice rule. Screening, as always, applies.

   Be redeemed.

   There is a couple hour to a day delay in my postings- right now it's 3/24 in the afternoon.

   I know theres that special someone out there where I get to fuck you up, and you get to feel right in a way you haven't for a loooong time. And I'll even cuddle afterwards.

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