Random Thoughts


Too many dicks & whats attached to them in my life lately (I love & appreciate you, I do!!! Variety is good for the soul, however)

ISO : Woman 35+ (will consider younger if if you are super neato) thick ass & thighs, preferably skin tone my shade or darker.

Into: metaphysics, reading, giving & receiving spankings, speaking made up languages. Must appreciate spicy food, massages, pitbulls, and have no shame concerning fried chicken, greens, gangsta rap & all things ratchet. If you can understand why 'hipsterrepent/Seattle' we will prob be homies (or at least fuckmates) for- evah.

Big plus: If you are smarter than me, and have thick eyebrows.

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Thanks for the Jordache,

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Not an a-line or a dress, but still- fly as fuck. Summer is coming!!!

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I am now on 'The Twitter', baby!

So, an infamous & sinfully beautiful courtesan said it would up my game, and I trust her on this.

Trying it out, let's see what happens.


Side note: I was also told "Men don't jerk off to politics, Cazz. Stop trying to save the world." 

-Main Bitch

Thank you, Main Bitch. (aka Bottom Bitch@the whorephanage) However, if I was concerned with what others want, I wouldn't be in this line of work.

And I want the world a better place. Saving the world, 1 beating & 1dick @ a time.

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Apparently a good caning is a cure-all

Saw this on the boards-


Those Russians are at it again...lol

What they don't mention, however- how play such as this can be addictive in and of itself. The endorphin release is similar to a drug high, and people with addictive tendencies may seek it out to the exclusion of personal safety&or upkeep, Which can lead to depression- and just like any other drug, some people do experience a come-down.

Highs& lows to everything, people. Which is why- now, repeat after Auntie Cazz, here- you work hard, play harder, & stay safe. Emphasis on stay safe- and whatever that entails, wether physical, personal or mental safety, do it.

Rule # 1, always: Stay safe. Always.

Rule#2: do not talk about fight club.

Rule #3: do not talk about fight club.

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