Etiquette & Specials

    I am multiracial!!! Some have been confused by this- others just superimpose their cultural preference on to me. To some I am lightskinded, redbone, blacktina, japtalian (ok, I made the japtalian up) What truly matters is I am your fine as fuck mistress. My eyes really are this color, the hair is dyed but I grew it, and I burn when I get too much sun. Don't touch without asking.

   ***Ongoing discount for those with verifiable disabilities, or those who are willing to verify volunteer work contributing to their community: ie soup kitchens, drop-in centers, free clinics, KCNE etc***

   Please have freshly washed hands. Most hygiene rules are common sense, so this is usually the only transgression of cleanliness I've seen fit to remind clients of.

   I do not accept phone calls from prospective new clients who are unscreened. First contact must be through my email or contact sheet on this site. I also do not discuss tribute or details of session with unscreened new clients, or initially schedule longer than 2 hours the first session. Once established, clients are welcome to contact me, and discuss just about anything.

   There are many reasons for this: the main one is to ascertain if you are capable of following direction. There are at times those of you who believe this is a suggestion; it is not. If you try to bend my rules before we even meet, I will ignore you.

   Once screened random notes, suggestions, porn, pictures, & smut are always welcome. 

    I do occasionally smoke cigarettes- if you prefer me to abstain before hand, make me aware of this. I also have tattoos, (no piercings) and may bring a wig and some fun accoutrements, depending on what your interests contain.  

   Be polite, be a gentlemen, be a good boy and we'll have some fun.

  Random plug: real kink stuff by real kinky people. Also, they did a 10 question on me!


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