Etiquette & Specials

    Twitter: @LadyCazzKaria

   ***Ongoing discount for those with verifiable disabilities, or those who are willing to verify volunteer work contributing to their community: ie soup kitchens, drop-in centers, free clinics, KCNE etc***

   Please have freshly washed hands. Most hygiene rules are common sense, so this is usually the only transgression of cleanliness I've seen fit to remind clients of.

   First contact through email.

   There are many reasons for this: the main one is to ascertain if you are capable of following direction. There are at times those of you who believe this is a suggestion; it is not. If you try to bend my rules before we even meet, I will ignore you.

   Once screened random notes, suggestions, porn, pictures, & smut are always welcome. 

    I do occasionally smoke cigarettes- if you prefer me to abstain before hand, make me aware of this. 

   Be polite, be a gentlemen, be a good boy and we'll have some fun.

  Random plug: real kink stuff by real kinky people. Also, they did a 10 question on me!


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